We’re here for those “ouch!” moments
in life.

Whether it is a scrape, cut or broken bone, we here most nights until 8 PM to help fix those little “boo-boos”

Flu Shots

If you need a convenient place to get your seasonal flu shot, we’re here for you.

A convenient location in NW Lincoln, we’re open until 8 PM Monday through Friday, 1 PM on Saturday and Sunday.


Mon-Thurs   9am – 8pm

Friday            9am – 5pm

Sat-Sun          9am – 1pm

When you have a need for urgent care or primary care, we are your best stop.
We take all major insurances and low cost primary care Co-Pays

Urgent Care Services

• Mild allergic reactions
• Mild asthma exacerbation
• Bumps and bruises
• Minor burns
• Cold and flu
• Coughs

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Family Practice

• General adult medical care
• Physicals
• Office procedures
• Pediatric care
• Women's health care

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Health Maintenances

• Annual Physicals
• Screenings:
      - Coronary artery disease
      - Hypertension
      - Diabetes

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Minor Surgeries

• Skin lesions removal
• In-grown toenail removal
• Biopsy of growths

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