Road Construction!

We are very excited about the expansion of NW 48th street!

Starting May 6th, NW 48th and West Huntington Avenue will be closed.

Please use Thatcher Lane to NW 46th Street, then North to West Huntington Avenue.

The estimated time for the project is 3 weeks.


Open Memorial Day


9am – 1pm


We’re here for those “ouch!” moments
in life.

Whether it is a scrape, cut or broken bone, we here most nights until 8 PM to help fix those little “boo-boos”

Flu Shots

If you need a convenient place to get your seasonal flu shot, we’re here for you.

A convenient location in NW Lincoln, we’re open until 8 PM Monday through Friday, 1 PM on Saturday and Sunday.


We’re open late!

Mon-Fri 9am-8pm
Sat & Sun 9am-1pm

When you have a need for urgent care or primary care, we are your best stop.
We take all major insurances and low cost primary care Co-Pays

Urgent Care Services

• Mild allergic reactions
• Mild asthma exacerbation
• Bumps and bruises
• Minor burns
• Cold and flu
• Coughs

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Family Practice

• General adult medical care
• Physicals
• Office procedures
• Pediatric care
• Women's health care

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Health Maintenances

• Annual Physicals
• Screenings:
      - Coronary artery disease
      - Hypertension
      - Diabetes

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Minor Surgeries

• Skin lesions removal
• In-grown toenail removal
• Biopsy of growths
• Trigger point injections

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